Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Sezonul 1

Ended 52 Episodes
Image The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
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Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Season 1 - 52 Episodes
1 Image the-legend-of-the-legendary-heroes-10263-backdrop.jpg The Next King of Games2004
2 Image the-legend-of-the-legendary-heroes-10263-poster.jpg Welcome to Duel Academy2004
3 Image the-legend-of-the-legendary-heroes-10263-backdrop.jpg A Duel in Love2004
4 Image Raring To Go2004
5 Image season-1-13106-season-1.jpg The Shadow Duelist - Part I2004
6 Image Made In Abyss 2017 The Shadow Duelist - Part II2004
7 Image Duel and Unusual Punishment2004
8 Image For the Sake of Syrus2004
9 Image made-in-abyss-10272-poster.jpg Family Business2004
10 Image made-in-abyss-10272-backdrop.jpg Tag Team Trial - Part I2004
11 Image made-in-abyss-10272-poster.jpg Tag Team Trial - Part II2004
12 Image made-in-abyss-10272-backdrop.jpg Formula For Success2004
13 Image Monkey See, Monkey Duel2004
14 Image season-1-13132-season-1.jpg A Spirit Summoned2005
15 Image made-in-abyss-2017-13133-episode-1-season-1.jpg Courting Alexis2005
16 Image made-in-abyss-2017-13134-episode-2-season-1.jpg The Duel Giant2005
17 Image made-in-abyss-2017-13135-episode-3-season-1.jpg Nature of the Draw2005
18 Image made-in-abyss-2017-13136-episode-4-season-1.jpg The King of Copycats - Part I2005
19 Image made-in-abyss-2017-13137-episode-5-season-1.jpg The King of Copycats - Part II2005
20 Image made-in-abyss-2017-13138-episode-6-season-1.jpg The Maiden In Love2005
21 Image made-in-abyss-2017-13139-episode-7-season-1.jpg The Duel Off - Part I2005
22 Image made-in-abyss-2017-13140-episode-8-season-1.jpg The Duel Off - Part II2005
23 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x23 The Little Belowski2005
24 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x24 The New Chazz2005
25 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x25 The School Duel - Part I2005
26 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x26 The School Duel - Part II2005
27 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x27 Grave Risk - Part I2005
28 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x28 Grave Risk - Part II2005
29 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x29 Doomsday Day - Part I2005
30 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x30 Doomsday Day - Part II2005
31 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x31 Field of Screams - Part I2005
32 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x32 Field of Screams - Part II2005
33 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x33 Field of Screams - Part III2005
34 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x34 The Fear Factor2005
35 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x35 Sibling Rivalry2005
36 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x36 Duel Distractions - Part I2005
37 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x37 Duel Distractions - Part II2005
38 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x38 Get Yarr Game On!2005
39 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x39 The Dark Scorpions2005
40 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x40 A Lying Legend2005
41 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x41 A Reason To Win2005
42 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x42 Duel Monsters Spirit Day2005
43 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x43 Hearts Are Wild2005
44 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x44 The Seventh Shadow Rider2005
45 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x45 Amnael's Endgame - Part I2005
46 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x46 Amnael's Endgame - Part II2005
47 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x47 Chazz-anova2005
48 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x48 Rise of the Sacred Beasts - Part I2005
49 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x49 Rise of the Sacred Beasts - Part II2005
50 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x50 Magna Chum Laude2005
51 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x51 The Graduation Match - Part I2005
52 Image Yu-Gi-Oh GX 1x52 The Graduation Match - Part II2005
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