Toriko - Sezonul 2

Returning Series 48 Episodes
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Toriko - Season 2 - 48 Episodes
1 Image ef-a-tale-of-memories-9202-episode-9-season-1.jpg An Astonishing Rescuer Appears! The True Meaning of a Partner!2012
2 Image ef-a-tale-of-memories-9203-episode-10-season-1.jpg The Reunion of Toriko and Luffy! Find the Seafood Fruit!2012
3 Image ef-a-tale-of-memories-9204-episode-11-season-1.jpg Shock! The Broken Knife and Sharpener Melk!2012
4 Image ef-a-tale-of-memories-9205-episode-12-season-1.jpg Tension! Toriko's Knife Vs Melk's Kitchen Knife!2012
5 Image Yugo The Negotiator Ultra Gravity! Take On Heavy Hole!2012
6 Image Hidden Truth! Melk The First Appears!2012
7 Image Debut! Succeeding as the Second Generation and the Melk Stardust!2012
8 Image A Work Made with All Her Might! The Completed Melk Knife!2012
9 Image How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Super Celebs! The Dream Trip on the Gourmet Coach!2012
10 Image He Finally Appears! The Last of the Four Heavenly Kings, Zebra!2012
11 Image Unleash the Roar! The Release of the Condemned Criminal Zebra!2012
12 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-6700-poster.jpg Warning Issued! Zebra Lands on Sand Garden!2012
13 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-6700-backdrop.jpg Komatsu Disappears! The Demonic Desert Labyrinth!2012
14 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-6700-poster.jpg Sealed Voice! The Different Dimension of Gourmet Pyramid!2012
15 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-6700-backdrop.jpg Bizarre! The Mysterious Ancient Document and the Creature in the Coffin!2012
16 Image Shocking Showdown! Salamander Sphinx!2012
17 Image season-1-9229-season-1.jpg Cooperative Cooking! Komatsu Steers Toriko and Zebra!2012
18 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9230-episode-1-season-1.jpg Explosion of Combination Techniques! Taking the World's Best Cola!2012
19 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9231-episode-2-season-1.jpg The Truth Comes to Light! Komatsu's Will and the Identity of the Mysterious Creatures!2012
20 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9232-episode-3-season-1.jpg Surpass Father! Mid-Summer Gatsugatsu Curry!2012
21 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9233-episode-4-season-1.jpg Connecting Bonds! The Supoerb Gatsugatsu Curry!2012
22 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9234-episode-5-season-1.jpg A New Stage! Toriko's Determination and the Return of "Him"!2012
23 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9235-episode-6-season-1.jpg UWAAH! The Astonishing Surprise Apples!2012
24 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9236-episode-7-season-1.jpg Chicken Egg! Memories of Old Man Yocchi and his Wife2012
25 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9237-episode-8-season-1.jpg Glistening of a Crystal! Shining Gourami!2012
26 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9238-episode-9-season-1.jpg Impact of the Raging Rapids! The Giant Waterfall, the Death Falls!2012
27 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9239-episode-10-season-1.jpg Sani's New Technique! The Fruits of Magnificent Training!2012
28 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9240-episode-11-season-1.jpg A Combined 30-Fold! 36 Ren Twin Kugi Punch!2012
29 Image how-not-to-summon-a-demon-lord-9241-episode-12-season-1.jpg Intuition Cooking! Komatsu and the Shining Gourami!2012
30 Image A Super Extravagant Production! The Ultimate Meal Service!2012
31 Image Yugo The Negotiator The Finest Chitose Ame! Komatsu and Yun's Tale2012
32 Image A Gathering at Autumn Mountain! Terrym Yun, Kiss, and Quin!2012
33 Image Good Luck Girl / Binbougami Ga Reunion! Take-chan of Otogi Castle!2012
34 Image A Parting of Ways! The Goals of Chefs2012
35 Image Dramatic Transformation - The Beauty Parlor, Barber Gourmet!2012
36 Image good-luck-girl-6724-poster.jpg The Four Heavenly Kings Assemble! Miracle in Midwinter!2012
37 Image good-luck-girl-6724-poster.jpg Merry Itadakimasu! Gourmet Santa's Presents!2012
38 Image Heaven or Hell?! Plunge into Gourmet Casino!2013
39 Image season-1-9244-season-1.jpg Appearance! The Boss of the Underground Cooking World, Livebearer!2013
40 Image Samurai Harem / Asu no Yoichi A Card Game with Your Life on the Line! Gourmet Tasting!2013
41 Image Dead Heat! Coco VS Livebearer2013
42 Image Coco's Strategy! The Big-Miss Cards That Determine the Outcome!2013
43 Image samurai-harem Eat or Be Eaten! Toriko vs. the Hannya Panda!2013
44 Image Samurai Harem Climax! The Remaining Worst Ingredients!2013
45 Image The Moment of Conclusion! Coko's Sublime Scenario!2013
46 Image season-1-9265-season-1.jpg A Taste That's Out of this World! The Actual Eating of the Meteor Garlic!2013
47 Image The Tower of Druaga the Sword of Uruk Pinnacle Showdown! Ichiryuu vs the Bishokukai's Midora!2013
48 Image The Hidden Training Ingredient! Emergency Instructions from Ichiryuu!2013
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