The World God Only Knows 2x8

FLAG 8.0 Her First Errand / Tea for Three

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INFO (!) La player-ul netu probabil ati observat ca apare butonul de play (cel in cerc alb) intr-o pozitie diferita pe player, la intamplare. Au adaugat asta pentru a evita traficul de la boti, iar pentru a porni player-ul este necesar sa dati click direct pe el. Tineti cont si de faptul ca dupa ce dati click pe acesta, apare cel galben pe care va trebui sa dati iar click, altfel nu porneste videoclipul. E posibil de asemenea daca aveti adblock sa nu functioneze.

Pentru alte informatii despre site dati un click aici unde puteti citii informatii despre cum se utilizeaza si puteti intreba orice.

Keima learns the rare First Edition of the Dating sim game "Love Tears" will be on sale at another town so he goes there the next morning with Elsie tagging along. After teaching Elsie the history of dating sims and difference between many editions of the same game, Keima tasks Elsie to buy the game while he goes to a game fair. When she finally finds it, she discover three different editions of the Love Tears game but manages to get the correct one due to it's expensive price. Unfortunately, Elsie instead buys the Love Tears anime by mistake which Keima suspected so he bought the game at the game fair just in case. Later, Haqua arrives at the Katsuragi residence's and asks Elsie and Keima's assistance for her report during the time she captured the escaped spirit at Majima Academy by using a magical scale model of the school including autonomous dolls of them and the students that follow their command by a mic. After Keima helps complete her report, he protests over one detail that Haqua changed in her report which was when they both arrived at the theater, she claims Keima clinged to her when the truth was it was the other way around. After they fight over their version of that incident, Haqua destroys the mic to keep Keima from changing it. Unfortunately, she last commanded that Keima was a pervert who chases her which Keima's doll does obscene things with Haqua's doll, much to Haqua's embarrassment and Elsie's anger where they both hit Keima and accidentally let the dolls loose. After helping recover the dolls, Haqua's thanks them for their help and Elsie wonders if Haqua used the report as an excuse to visit Keima.
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