The World God Only Knows 2x4

FLAG 4.0 The District Chief Regains Her Honor.

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Haqua arrives and tries to capture the spirit which has gotten powerful from feeding the negative emotions of the unconscious students around them but the spirit escapes to the roof by possessing the students to stop Haqua and Elsie. Keima suggests Haqua should team up with Elsie but Haqua refuses, claiming she is more better than her. However, Haqua is in distraught as she has failed to live up to her friends expectations which allows the spirit to possesses her. By the time Keima and Elsie reach the roof, Haqua is under the spirit's control and it uses her and the possessed students to capture them. In order free Haqua from the spirit's control, Keima tells Elsie to calm the negative emotions in Haqua's heart. As Elsie talks to her, Haqua admits to Elsie that she lied to her as she was ashamed and didn't want let her down but Elsie breaks free from the possessed students and hugs Haqua, telling her no matter what, she will always been the greatest demon in her eyes which finally breaks her free from the spirit's control. Now working together, Haqua defends Elsie from the possessed students while the later uses the spirit capturing bottle to capture the spirit which they succeed. With the spirit captured and returned to her, Haqua thanks Keima for his help and for not revealing her lie to Elsie while Keima congratulates Elsie on a good job which she celebrates by buying both Keima and Haqua lunch.
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