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Keima and Elsie eavesdrop the conversation between Mio and her chauffeur and learn that the Aoyama’s family are no longer rich since her father died and Mio’s mother has been working hard to make ends meet. The chauffeur leaves in disgust after the prideful Mio refuses to stop pretending to be rich. Mio catches Keima snooping around and quickly goes back to her apartment. Since Keima is the only one to know her secret, he can use it to get closer with Mio. The next day, Keima becomes Mio new chauffeur by riding her to school in various elaborate bike carriages made by Elsie’s raiment. On the fifth day, Keima, tired of riding Mio current carriage, almost gets whipped by Mio who smiles but quickly reverts to her cold expression and goes home. Keima now decides the next stage of his plans by bringing her to a ball she was invited. At the ball, a dressed up Mio is angry to learn that Keima, now in a tuxedo, actually brought them at the mansion gardens but later teaches Keima how to dance. But after encountering a few rich people who look down on Mio’s current status, Keima finally confronts her that she should stop pretending to be rich. Even though she keeps the act up to keep her father’s memory alive, Keima convinces Mio that she should let go of the past and move on and live her on life for her father and Keima’s sake. Keima kisses Mio and the spirit from her body is captured by Elsie. The next day, Keima and Elsie meets Mio, who now loses her memories of Keima, who has a change of attitude and has accepted her family's status and burns incense for her late father. Yet she still acts prideful and blushes when she sees Keima.
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