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Upon beginning their journey towards Singapore, which will take them three days by sea, the Joestar group discovers a stowaway on board. The small child claims that "he" wants to reunite with "his" father, but when met with resistance from the other crew, the stowaway attempts to swim away in the ocean. The crew is worried because the water is infested with sharks, but the stowaway is rescued by Jotaro, who discovers that the child is actually a girl, Anne. When they see one of the sharks has been sliced in half, they soon find themselves approached by a seafaring Stand, narrowly escaping its clutches with Kakyoin's help. The group initially suspect Anne of being the Stand's user, but soon deduce from her attempt at acting tough that this is not the case. When the ship's Captain Tennille[d] appears, harassing both Anne and Jotaro, who was trying to have a smoke, Jotaro accuses him of being the Stand user, using a bluff involving the cigarette he was just smoking to make him reveal himself. His identity as an imposter revealed, the fake Captain Tennille has his Stand Dark Blue Moon take Anne hostage, challenging Jotaro to fight against him in the ocean, where he would have the advantage. Star Platinum manages to beat Dark Blue Moon before its reaches the ocean, knocking its owner into the sea. However, acorn barnacles appear on Star Platinum and spread around him, draining its strength and causing Jotaro to fall into the ocean, where Dark Blue Moon and the fake Captain Tennille await. Dark Blue Moon creates an underwater whirlpool and spreads its razor sharp scales into it, preventing the others from coming to Jotaro's aid. Jotaro overcomes this situation by keeping himself and Star Platinum limp, allowing it to concentrate its strength in its fingers, and waits for the right moment to attack with his Star Finger, defeating Dark Blue Moon and sending its user to his death. Just then, several bombs laid out by the impostor explode, forcing the group and crewmates to escape on emergency lifeboats, where they soon come across a large freighter.
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  • GabiGG - 24 septembrie, 2021

    Episoadele 25 si 26 nu functioneaza(sez 1)

  • GabiGG - 29 iunie, 2021

    Reclamele pot fii ignorate folosind broswerul Brave.

  • RemusPOMPII - 10 mai, 2021

    E fain.Dar ati putea face cumva sa nu se mai deschida tot felul de reclame si jocuri?

    • filmeonline - 10 mai, 2021

      Nu sunt reclamele noastre, sunt ale celor care detin playerul, deci nu putem sa administram reclamele.

  • Piwa - 03 aprilie, 2021

    Când apare sezonul 6 Stone Ocean din jojo?

    • filmeonline - 03 aprilie, 2021

      JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 6: Stone Ocean / JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean a fost confirmat ca este in productie, dar din cauza pandemiei se asteapta sa apara undeva pe la sfarsitul anului.

  • Denis - 13 februarie, 2021

    Am apasat sa ma uit la un videoclip jojo si mia dat 10 reclame cu prosti ma pedepstit 1 luna

    • filmeonline - 13 februarie, 2021

      Nu sunt reclamele noastre. Sunt de la cei care detin playerul. Incearca sa instalezi pop up blocker ultimate si vei scapa de ele.

  • liviu - 03 ianuarie, 2021

    eram la sezonul 4 si sa terminat eu mai vreau jojo :((

  • Silviu003 - 03 decembrie, 2020


  • Silviu003 - 03 decembrie, 2020

    E foarte bun animeul ,adică na cred că e cel mai bun anime pe care lam urmărit dar sunt câteva probleme:apar de foarte multe ori reclame cu henta,uneori se întrerupe din senin cam atât. Vă mulțumesc cei de la anime-kage pt că ați tradus acest anime.😁👍👍👍

    • Silviu003 - 04 decembrie, 2020

      De ce naiba am poza asta?

  • liviu - 05 noiembrie, 2020

    de ce mi se blocheaza in truna anime-ul :((

    • filmeonline - 05 noiembrie, 2020

      Dezactiveaza adblock sau popup blocker.

  • Andrei Banea - 14 octombrie, 2020

    de ce imi apare asta si nu ma mai pot uita la videouri ma uitam linistit si mi se opreste videoul isi apare asta ce sa intamplat: We’re Sorry!
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