Dragonaut The Resonance 1x9

Determination -Through the Gale-

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It is revealed that when the shuttle exploded two years ago, Sakaki's wife and daughter had been on board. In present time, just when Jin hears Toa tell him that she was responsible for his family's death, the Lindworm Unit suddenly appears to ambush the trio: Jin, Gio, and Toa. Meanwhile, as Garnet and the military look over the Resonance data they received from Raina in exchange for giving up their search for Gio, they realize that it is fake. In retaliation, she later attacks the shuttle carrying the trio. When Gillard Army begin to corner the Dragonauts, they are saved by a fourth dragon from the Vritra Unit, but the Gillard military ships continue their attack. As enemies board the shuttle containing the trio, Gio makes Jin, who has been focused on Toa's confession, remember his promise to protect Toa. Gio then actualizes with Jin as his pilot. They quickly destroy most of the enemy's forces, causing Garnet to retreat.
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    acest episod a fost unul superb

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